Laboratory Equipment for Food and Beverage testing

Analytical Balance

An analytical balance is used to measure mass to a high degree of precision and accuracy. It is most often found in laboratory setting ang is used for accurate weighing. Balances should be housed in a draft-fre location and on a vibration free brench. some modern balances have built-in calibration masses to maintain accuracy.


The instrument is used to measure conductivity, total dissolved solids (TDS) and temperature of the solution.

pH meter

For food analysis, pH adjustment of buffers, solvents etc. with a comprehensive range of features and functions, making it suitable for general laboratory, QC and GLP based applications.


Rotary Viscometer is required to measure the dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity and density of food samples such as beverages, sauces juices, syrup and milk etc.

Brookfield Viscometer
DV Plus Series


A vertical steam sterilizer to provide safe, economical and effective sterilization for microbiology laboratories that do not want to compromise on quality, safety and reliability and need to sterilize liquids such as nutrient media and buffer solutions, Solid items such as pipettes, tubes and filters and Glassware and plastic articles.


For incubation of organisms, such as on agar plates, and also for conditioning of heat sensitive media and to provide an optimal, homogeneous, temperature uniformity and stability to ensure that protocols are fully reproducible.

Water bath

The water bath is for routine use in microbiology protocols as well for proper suspension of microbes in the medium with precise temperature control.

BOD Incubator

For use in microbiological laboratories to measure biochemical oxygen demand (BOD). The incubators are used to sustain and control the humidity and temperature essential to perform many types of experiments in, microbiology and biology.

ESD BOD Incubator
CI-D Series


A Multi-functional, general purpose High speed refrigerated bench top centrifuge used for separation of supernatants (liquid portion) from pellets (solid portion).


A homogenizer is used for the proper mixing and comminution of the food sample to obtain a homogenous mixture prior to analysis.

Hot Air Oven

Hot air ovens are used in the lab to determine the moisture content of food products and for drying glassware.
For drying glassware and also for conditioning of heat sensitive microbiology media and to provide an optimal, homogeneous, temperature uniformity and stability to ensure drying is complete.

Binder Oven
ED Series

Binder Oven
FD Series

Binder Oven
FED Series


Hot plates are generally used to heat liquids as a part of sample preparation for analysis.

Hotplate with Magnetic Stirrer

Hot plates are generally used to heat liquids. Hot plate with magnetic stirrer also contain a magnetic stirrer, allowing the heated liquid to be stirred

Muffle Furnace

A muffle furnace generates the high-temperature up to 1600 .C and turns the sample into ash. The chemical composition can be determined easily after determining the ash content. It is the best way to determine the quality and levels of silica of the food products.

Vortex mixer

Vortex Mixer is a general-purpose laboratory equipment. It is used for mixing liquids in test tubes. It operates at various speed and can be operated continuously or by “touch” activation.

Circulating cum Shaking Water Bath

Circulating baths are constant temperature water baths that enable rapid heating and cooling of samples by constantly circulating water. Water baths are primarily used to incubate samples containing test tubes, flasks and beakers etc. An integral pump circulates the bath water within the tank to maintain uniform temperature. The sample containers can be mechanically agitated.

Orbital Shaker

Shaking incubators are combination of traditional incubators and a laboratory shaker used to simultaneously incubate and shake or agitate samples. They are ideal for laboratory working on cell culture, cell aeration and solubility experiments.

Joanlab Orbital Shaker
OS-pro, LS-pro Series

Rotary Evaporator

The system would primarily be used for efficient and gentle evaporation of solvents under control boiling point applying precise vacuum.

Ultrasonic Bath

Used for cleaning fitters, mixing, homogenization, dissolving and dispersion of particles in solvents.

Elma Ultrasonic
Select Series

Elma Ultrasonic
Easy Series