Overhead Stirrers


Overhead stirrers are laboratory equipment used for stirring and mixing liquid solutions. They are designed to provide efficient and reliable mixing capabilities for a wide range of applications.

The applications of overhead stirrers are diverse and widespread. They are commonly used in fields such as chemistry, biology, pharmaceuticals, food science, and materials research. They can be utilized for tasks such as dissolving solids, preparing emulsions or suspensions, blending ingredients, and conducting chemical reactions.

When selecting an overhead stirrer, factors such as the volume and viscosity of the liquids, the desired speed range, and any specific requirements of the application should be considered. It is also important to ensure that the stirrer is compatible with the materials being mixed and that appropriate safety measures are followed during operation.


RW 20 digital

- Strirring quantity max: 20 L.
- Speed range:
                       I: 60-500 rpm.
                       II: 240-2000 rpm.
- Viscosity max: 10000 mPas.
- Torque max. At stirring shaft:
                       I: 150 Ncm
                       II: 24 Ncm.


- Speed range: 50 - 2,000 rpm.
- Stirring volume: up to 25 L.
- Max toque: 40 Ncm.
- Dimension: 80×215×196 mm.
- Protection class: IP 40.
- Full protection in case of overload.
-Bright display including speed set, real speed, torque, timer.
- Included universal H-atand, Clamp, Stirring shaft in this set.


- Speed range: 50 - 2,000 rpm.
- Stirring volume: up to 40 L.
- Max toque: 80 Ncm.
- Dimension: 80×230×196 mm.
- Protection class: IP 40.
- Automatically stops if blocked - no burn-out or damage.
- Ensures constant speed even when the viscosity changes.